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Preparing Your Move to the Netherlands

Are you a student moving to the Netherlands and not quite sure how to prepare for such a move? Then you have come to the right place. This post will help facilitate your transition process with a few simple steps.

1. Arrange Your Housing Early

Although it may seem as though you have loads of time before your study begins, starting your housing search early will place you at an advantage. To successfully receive a student visa or residence permit, you will need to provide your Admissions Office with a proof of address. Whether this address is a university residence or a rented apartment, such proof will be required to register at the town hall. There is a large housing shortage in the Netherlands; so beginning your search early will reduce the stress of finding housing upon arrival. As an international student, you will have the choice of two main housing options—university housing or private accommodation. Both options have their pros and cons and the choice finally comes down to your personal preference and budget.

2. Get Everything You Need to Live in the Netherlands

Now that you have navigated the housing websites and found your accommodation, it is time to get everything you need to live in the Netherlands. You probably need new clothes to protect you from the rain ;), study equipment, a bike and EVERYTHING for your new room or apartment. This is where a starter kit could make your life so much easier. Starter kits contain all the necessary products you need to move into a student room. Some examples are: cushions, sheets, towels, kitchenware, cleaning products and other handy stuff. Another benefit of ordering a starter kit is that you get all your necessities at once (and for a better price than when you order all products separately). You can even schedule the arrival of your starter kit on the same day you move into your new home!

3. Register for Student Orientation and Get Involved

Traveling to a new country and meeting new people may seem overwhelming at first, but by registering for orientation, the Netherlands will seem like home right away. Orientation will introduce you to the new country, city and your fellow classmates.

It's also important to research the various student groups that are active in your new city. Most Dutch cities have student groups that host events and social gatherings especially for international students. By attending these events and social gatherings you’ll definitely make new friends and make your stay much more enjoyable.

By completing these simple steps, you will be more than prepared to begin your study and feel at home in the Netherlands as an international student!

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